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What’s an Awning Window?

Two things make awning windows different. First, unlike sliding windows that move up and down on a track, awning windows are hinged (more on the benefits of that feature below). Second, unlike casement windows that are hinged on the side like a door, awning windows are hinged on the top and open up from the bottom (a feature that has its benefits too).

Awning windows come in many sizes. Small ones can be placed below larger picture windows to provide extra ventilation without taking up wall space. Larger stand-alone awning windows provide the benefits of both a beautiful view and a refreshing breeze. 

Plus, unlike most sliding and casement windows, awning windows can be wider than they are tall, making them a versatile fit for any room or wall in your house. Do you want a small window mounted high on the wall to provide ventilation but maintain your privacy? Awning windows are the perfect fit. Do you want to save space on a wall for a feature piece of furniture? A narrow awning window can bring light into the room and still leave a lot of space to position your furniture.

What’s more, awning windows look great on homes in a variety of architectural styles. From older style homes to mid-century modern bungalows, awning windows provide a neat, timeless and stylish finish to your home.

Awning Windows Installation Services in Your Area

What’s Better about Awning Windows?

All window types have their advantages and disadvantages, but awning windows have a number of distinct advantages that make them an attractive option for many homeowners. These include:

  • Excellent protection from the rain when open. Have you ever returned home in a rainstorm to realize you left your sliding or casement windows open? Was the window sill and maybe even the floor wet or stained with droplets of rain? Because awning windows are hinged on the top they can help provide all the protection of a regular awning for your window opening—no messes to clean up! And, because the window’s hardware remains underneath the protection of the open pane, awning window parts can avoid the damaging effects of water.
  • Better airflow in your home. Awning windows that open wide to the outside provide ample room for a breeze to blow in. Because awning windows have a single large sash, instead of two smaller ones in a slider, they can provide more open space for ventilation. Unlike casement windows, which can block a breeze on one side, awning windows let the breeze come in freely from two sides.
  • Tighter seal for better efficiency. When awning windows are closed they can offer a superior seal that keeps cool air-conditioned air in during the summer and keeps icy cold air out during the winter. Sliding windows have tracks that can be poorly insulated and moving sashes that can meet unevenly, creating a potential opportunity for air to be exchanged in and out. Awning windows, by contrast, fit snugly in their frames and offer energy efficiency benefits that your wallet might thank you for.
  • Safety-conscious design. Many awning windows have locks on both sides, offering you the peace of mind of knowing your windows are shut and locked tightly. 
  • A window wider than it is tall that still opens. If your new or existing home has a window space that’s an unusual size you might be worried that a non-opening picture window is your only option. Not true! Awning windows are a great option for non-traditional window openings. They open easily to let the fresh air in at the same time that they provide a full window frame unobstructed with mullions, locks or latches.
  • Ease of operation. If you’ve ever had a sliding window slam on your finger, or strained your back leaning awkwardly over furniture to force up a sticky sash, awning windows might seem like a preferred option. With easy-to-use mechanisms for opening and closing (usually a small crank or push bar), awning windows can save your fingers, your back and patience. 

The All-Around Benefits of Awning Windows

When it comes to look, economy, versatility and performance, it’s difficult to beat awning windows. Its variety of sizes and styles makes it a great match for almost any home type, from traditional to modern, from quaint cottages to sprawling estates. Awning windows also work great for spaces and rooms with specific appliance requirements. Bathrooms, hallways, utility rooms, kitchens and other spaces with unusual or specific space requirements especially benefit from awning windows. They brighten spaces and allow for breezes, and all with an attractive and easy-to-use design that adds curb appeal to your home. 

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