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Learn About the Beauty and Performance of Awning Windows

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Awning Windows Jacksonville

Residents of sunny Jacksonville, Florida know how hot and humid the weather can be all year round. If it isn’t warm and beautiful outside, then it’s likely a tropical storm that is hitting the coast, causing strong winds and rains. As the weather allows for both climate extremes, it is only natural that your home and exterior of your property become vulnerable to the elements which can then lead to unexpected damage. 

This is why ensuring your home’s windows are up to date and are made of durable materials that can keep the heat, rain and wind out is an absolute must! 

While there are numerous window styles on the market, a great way to get the most out of the Florida weather is to install awning windows into your home.

What is an Awning Window? 

Unlike other windows on the market, awning windows are most recognizable for their top hinged feature that allows homeowners to open the glass pane outward from the bottom. 

This not only permits uninterrupted ventilation, but it can also help shield the interior of your home from rain should you still wish to have the windows open to let air in.

Durable Awning Windows in Jacksonville

When choosing the perfect awning windows for your home, it can be difficult to find a reputable manufacturer to craft custom frames that meet your renovation expectations. Luckily, when working with Local Home Pro contractors, homeowners receive high-quality window frames made from durable materials. 

When installing awning windows in your home, you can also benefit from: 

  1. A selection of colors, sizes, and grid patterns to match the look of the interior and exterior of your home. 
  2. Double or triple-paned glass with an innovative layer of gas for added insulation against Jacksonville weather, which could lead to lower heating and cooling costs. 
  3. Potential energy savings year round without sacrificing the comfort of your home. 
  4. The convenience of having your awning windows custom made to fit existing window cutouts so there is no need to do any further renovations.

The Benefits of Installing Awning Windows in Your Jacksonville Home

Awning windows are a great choice for homeowners who are looking for benefits that go beyond enhancing their home’s curbside appeal:

  • They can allow for ventilation into your space all year round regardless of whether it is raining outside due to their innovative design.
  • They can offer a modern or traditional look based on your home renovation design vision. 
  • They can create beautiful unobstructed views from each room in your home while adding natural light all year round.
  • A potential increase in energy efficiency by creating a tight seal and having fresh air to provide you with a comfortable living space. 
  • They can be very low maintenance and may not require as much up-keep as other window frame styles. 
  • They are typically easy to operate and can come in various styles and colors.

Where to Install Awning Windows in your Home

One of the great aspects of choosing awning windows for your home is that it offers homeowners the versatility of installing them in various rooms including: 

  • Above the sink in your kitchen area. 
  • In your living room or bedroom area for increased ventilation and natural light. 
  • In your bathroom to let out steam after a hot shower.

The possibilities are endless when you choose awning windows for your home.

The Disadvantages of Installing Awning Windows 

While the benefits of installing awning windows into your home may outweigh the disadvantages, to help homeowners make an informed decision, here are some aspects to awning windows you should be aware of before choosing to install them in your home:

  • While awning windows offer homeowners plenty of versatility in terms of window placement, keep in mind that as crank windows that open outwards from the bottom, this may limit the scalability of how large your window can be due to the natural weight of the glass itself. Therefore, if you are looking to have bigger windows in your home, you may wish to choose another style for certain areas of your home. 
  • Due to its design, it can be more difficult to exit your home during emergencies, should other exits be unavailable. 
  • Awning windows may not allow for single room air condition systems as they do not open up fully. 
  • As awning windows open outwards, they may stick out into higher traffic areas of your home and can cause disruptions to places such as your yard, deck, or stairways. 

After looking through our list of advantages and disadvantages of installing awning windows in your home, you can now feel confident when making the decision for your property and home renovation requirements! 

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