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Awning Windows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Learn About the Beauty and Performance of Awning Windows

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Windows Tough Enough for Milwaukee

Living on the shore of Lake Michigan has its advantages. Afternoons spent with the family at Atwater Beach or a day off with friends fishing for steelhead at McKinley Marina—fun, recreation and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S. are at your doorstep. The beauty and intensity of weather in the upper Midwest can be extraordinary too. Spring, summer and fall can have their perfect days. But locals also know the sting of a violent summer storm and the chill of a deep winter wind. They know it’s important to have strong windows to get them through the four seasons.

Replacement windows that are well-built, high-performance and professionally installed can help prepare your home for any weather that comes. By sealing up your home tightly, replacement windows can help lower your heating and cooling bills by reducing air and heat exchange. The furnace might run a little less often in the winter and your air conditioner might run a little less often in the summer, adding up savings over the long term.

Given that windows can be a great investment, the only question is what type might be best for your home. Though traditional sliders or modern casement windows may get the job done, awning windows can be an attractive option for homes of all different types. An awning window might just be right for you.

What Makes an Awning Window Different?

Unlike sliders that move up and down in a track, awning windows open up from the bottom. Like casement windows, they open outward with the help of a crank. Casement windows, though, are hinged on the side like a door while awning windows are hinged on the top. The placement of the hinge on the top of the window sash provides a number of key benefits for your home:

  • Awning windows can be wider than they are tall. Unlike casement windows, which are usually tall and slender, awning windows are more versatile because they come in a number of non-traditional sizes. In addition to a standard vertical rectangle, awning windows can be wide and long, providing maximum ventilation without taking up the entire wallspace.
  • Awning windows can protect the inside of your home while open, as they can guide rain away from your home before it hits the ground. Milwaukee’s summer storms can roll in quickly so there is a clear advantage to windows that won’t leave your sill or the floors wet if you forget to close them.
  • Awning windows’ mechanisms are usually less exposed than regular casement windows. The awning design once again helps to protect the weather stripping, case and internal mechanisms from the weather (and the damage that comes along with it). And, because the window closes tightly and leaves no parts exposed, harsh Wisconsin winters can't touch your awning windows as easily as sliding ones.
  • Awning windows are easy to use. The crank action ensures that your window opens simply and easily. Have you ever had to awkwardly lean over furniture to open a sticky sliding sash? Is it ever frustrating to have to open your blinds first just to crack a window an inch? The hand crank mechanism on awning windows makes them simple to open, even if you have to reach over the back of the sofa to do it—and no struggling with the blinds.  

Awning Windows Are a Great Look for Any Home

In addition to their performance benefits and ease-of-use, awning windows offer one other definite bonus: they look fantastic. Depending on the size and positioning of your window, awning windows can look traditional or modern and they work well with many different architectural styles.

A style that awning windows work particularly well for is a modern style mid-century home. A full 32% of Milwaukee’s homes were built between 1940 and 1959. If you live in one of these homes you already know about the beauty of their features: vaulted ceilings, large living spaces, a feature fireplace. One area that keeps these homes from performing their best, however, might just be their windows. Large picture windows with only single panes look great but don’t offer key features homeowners expect today, including energy efficiency and the ability to open.

Awning windows not only provide the excellence of modern insulation standards, they can also allow for added ventilation to come into your home. They pair well with larger picture windows to create a wall that can let in a lot of light as well. Awning windows can be mounted low, beneath a large picture window, or above, like a transom. Either way, they can work together with other window types to maximize the beauty of your view and also help to regulate the temperature of your home.

Don’t Wait to Find Out if Awning Windows Are Right for Your Home

Replacement windows can help update the look and energy efficiency of your home. Speak to the professionals at Local Home Pro to find out if awning windows are the perfect fit for you. Click here to get your free estimate.