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Awning Windows in Nashville, Tennessee

Learn About the Beauty and Performance of Awning Windows

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Windows as Versatile as Nashvillians Are

It’s Music City, USA, but Nashvillians know that there is so much more to Nashville than this nickname might suggest. A leader in arts, commerce, academia, healthcare and hospitality, Nashville offers a richness of experience few cities in the world can match. In a single day you can start with a hike in the Warner Parks, put in a day’s work in the city center, take in an orchestral performance at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and finish the day with a round while listening to the band at Layla’s

At the end of these busy days, there’s nothing better than coming back to the home of your dreams. A big part of your home’s beauty and comfort has to do with its windows, they are usually the most prominent features others see when looking at your home. They also do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to regulating the temperature of your home. 

If you live your life by taking in all of Nashville’s adventures, you should have windows that are as versatile as you are. Awning windows might be the perfect fit for you and your home.

What Makes the Awning Window So Versatile?

The awning window is made through a design that combines three features of other classic window types: the picture window, the slider and the casement. Like a picture window, awning windows have one sash that isn’t obstructed by mullions or other structural features that can block your view. Like a sliding window, an awning window can come in many different sizes, from the short and wide to tall and narrow. Lastly, like a casement window, the awning window is hinged on one side (the top of the window) and opens easily with the help of a crank on the sill.

The awning window doesn’t have some of the downsides associated with these other window types. Unlike a picture window, awning windows can open to let in a breeze. Unlike sliders, awning windows are easier to open with a crank feature. And unlike casements, which open on the side and expose their weatherstripping and parts to the outdoors, awning windows open at the bottom and keep their component under the protective shield of the sash.

Awning Windows Look Great in Any of Nashville’s Many House Styles

There are many types of Nashville homes. From modest bungalows to executive mansions, Nashville has it all. Not all window types can work with all homes, but awning windows can work extremely well in home types of many different styles.

In homes with a traditional architectural style, awning windows can work perfectly in transitional spaces like hallways, mud rooms, stairways and utility rooms that have specific wall and space requirements. Because awning windows can be wider than they are tall (unlike most windows) they can be mounted high on the wall to let in light and air while still leaving enough space for appliances. High-mounted awning windows can also provide privacy in spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. 

In homes with a more mid-century style, awning windows can work just about anywhere. Awning windows open up on three sides to maximize airflow. Best of all, they can pair easily with other window types, like large picture windows, to provide ventilation without blocking the view. Mid-century homes in particular can feature massive and beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, especially in the main living space. Not all of these windows are as efficient or functional as they were when they were installed or when they were replaced—some, in fact, may not even open at all.

Awning windows can be installed above or below feature-wall windows to help your home naturally regulate its temperature without compromising the view or the architectural integrity of the larger picture window. 

Awning Windows Are Tough Enough for Nashville Weather

While Nashville enjoys generally great weather, Nashville’s homes go through tough climates as well. Whether it’s droughts or downpours, searing sun or slush-making sleet, the clouds can throw a lot at your Nashville home. Awning windows combine the sturdiness and snug-in-their frame energy performance of a casement window with the versatile size options of a sliding window. With the awning window you can have the best of both worlds: a way to protect your home that won’t wear easily and also comes in whatever size you need it to. Awning windows can help you to achieve all of this with a single design.

Are you beginning to think an awning window might be for you? Why wait any longer to find out?