Awning Windows in Raleigh, North Carolina

Learn About the Beauty and Performance of Awning Windows

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Windows That Work as Hard as North Carolinians

People from Raleigh know what it means to be high-performance. Research, finance, governance, sports, recreation—it’s all here in Raleigh and done with excellence. Whether it’s a busy day at the office or an invigorating day on the trail at William B. Umstead State Park, locals know how to work hard.

Why should your home's windows be any different? Replacement windows can help to ensure that your home is performing up to the best standards of efficiency and functionality. On top of the collection of potential window types for your home might just be the awning window. Why? Few windows are as versatile and offer as many advantages.

What Sets the Awning Window Apart?

First, a quick reminder about how an awning window works: the window’s single pane is hinged on the top and opens up from the bottom. Unlike sliders that move up and down in a track or casement windows that are hinged on the side, awning windows provide protection underneath the window and offer the efficiency benefits of any modern window.

Why might that help your house perform throughout the year in Raleigh? In short: North Carolina weather can’t be beat when it’s good, but locals know that the weather can sometimes be rough for those who live in this mid-Atlantic area. Sweltering heat waves, hurricanes, ice storms, sleet and even tornadoes can test even the most well-built and well-insulated homes. 

Because awning windows wear their weatherstripping and casing around the edge of the sash itself, they fit more snugly into their frames and can offer superior insulation compared to double-hung sliding sashes. The window itself acts like an awning (hence the name) and provides protection from water that might be damaging to your window’s mechanical parts.

Not only that, the awning design can help provide some protection from wind-blown rain droplets. Have you ever huddled comfortably in your basement during a raging storm, only to realize later that you have left a window open upstairs? Awning windows can help provide the umbrella-like protection that can help save your floor and window sill from getting drenched in a downpour.

Awning Windows Work for Raleigh Homes in Any Style

Raleigh’s housing stock is a mix of historic homes, mid-century beauties and just-built masterpieces. With inventory down, prices up and homes selling quickly, these homes are moving quickly. Replacement windows can help you achieve your expectations for your home—and awning windows might be the perfect addition.

Awning windows are some of the most versatile windows available on the market. Their topside hinge allows them to be manufactured and installed in dimensions quite unlike traditional rectangular windows. Awning windows can be wider than they are tall, which can make them perfect for hallways, bedrooms or rooms of non-standard dimensions for which you want to maximize your wall space.

Awning windows can also pair well with various window types to provide a combination that maximizes both the beauty of your view and the ventilation in your home. This can be a special advantage for twentieth-century homes that typically have large windows in the living spaces. Did you know that North Carolina has the third-largest concentration of modernist homes in the United States? These homes have so many features that today’s buyers crave: open floor plans, gorgeous fireplaces and walls made of windows. But not all of these windows are up to modern efficiency standards — many don’t even open. Awning windows can be paired with larger picture windows (either above or below) to maintain the architectural integrity of your home while providing new openings for improved temperature regulation.

This doesn’t mean awning windows can’t work for historic homes. In fact, your pre-war home may have rooms and spaces for which an awning window can work perfectly. Mud rooms, hallways and staircases, in particular, might be the perfect spaces for an awning window.

Awning Windows Are Easy to Use

Modern sliding windows can provide something close to the money-saving energy performance of awning windows, but there is one place they can’t match them: ease of use. Awning windows open and close with a simple hand crank, which means that you won’t find yourself leaning awkwardly over furniture or struggling with the blinds to open a window. And because the screen stays mounted in the window frame, it won’t spring out, stretch or tear with regular use.

Help Freshen Your Home With an Awning Window

Awning windows offer the protection you need, yet they allow for nice breezes to come into your home as you please. Casements can block breezes on one side and sliding windows, which sit evenly to your house’s outer wall, do nothing to help fresh air enter your home. Awning windows let in suitable breezes from below and don’t block them from the sides either: they offer the best of sliders and casements in one.

Why wait any longer to find out if one or more awning windows are the perfect fit for your Raleigh home?