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Bay Window Installation in Daytona Beach

Learn How Bay Windows Can Beautify Your Florida Home

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Bay Windows Daytona

Daytonans know how nice the weather can be year-round. Whether it’s a day spent at the beach or driving around with the top down (or both), Daytona offers a sun-filled paradise for Florida’s luckiest residents. 

When it comes to letting the southern sun into your home there’s one window type that can’t be beat: the bay window. This versatile window can be designed to perfectly complement a historic century-old home, a mid-century bungalow or a contemporary build. Read on to learn more about the bay window and the benefits that it can offer you and your home.

Why Bay Windows Are Perfect for Daytona Beach

Bay windows are typically constructed from three different windows: a central picture window that can offer extraordinary views of your yard flanked by two narrower windows that project out from your home. These side windows can be either casements that are hinged on the side like a door and open outward with the help of a hand crank on the sill, or they can be more traditional double-hung sliders. 

Because the size and type of all three windows can be customizable, bay windows can work perfectly with any architectural style of home. That’s particularly great news for Daytona Beach, where historic homes sit next to beachy bungalows and steel-and-glass moderns. 

Are you thinking of replacing your home’s windows? A fully-customizable bay window might be just what you need for your home renovation. Replacement bay windows can be constructed with the most up-to-date materials and production technologies to produce a top-performing window that still matches the style of your home. Bay windows can be built to include muntins (the strips that support and separate individual panes of glass on a historic window) to ensure your home stays in character.

But you don’t have to live in historic Hotchkiss House to decide on a bay window for your home. Bay windows can be built to blend in perfectly with homes of any style. Even the most modern homes can be built with bay windows in mind.   

Some of the Many Benefits of Bay Windows

  • They can look amazing—from both sides. Bay windows look great from inside the home. They also look amazing from the outdoors, drawing the eye of neighbors and guests. If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, a bay window can help.
  • They can provide more space. Because bay windows extend out from the exterior wall of your home they can provide more interior space. Not only that: they also provide a new ledge at the sill of the window. Depending upon the size of the bay window you choose, you can use this space for anything you want. It can be anything from a reading nook to an additional seating area for guests. Or, if you need a new place to showcase your antiques, a bay window provides a great place in your home for your most prized possessions. What you choose to do with a bay window’s ledge is entirely up to you.
  • They can offer great views. The large central pane in a bay window can provide the perfect frame through which you can view the beautiful Daytona scenery. Because the window juts out from the home these side windows help to provide a 180-degree view of your property. Check to see who just pulled in the driveway; keep a good eye on your pets; or just enjoy the full view of your property. Bay windows can provide views unparalleled by regular picture and flat slider windows.
  • They come in many different configurations. There are typically two main shapes for a bay window: trapezoidal and rectangular. The trapezoidal form features side windows that angle toward the home, creating a gentler form of extension. The rectangular form features side windows that are at right angles to the central picture window, creating a boxy shape that is a feature of historic styles and more contemporary architecture as well. But bay windows can also be configured with different window types. Would you like to keep the look historic with double-hung sliding sashes? Or perhaps you’d like the ease and convenience of casement windows on the side? Bay windows can be designed and built in so many ways you can have no problem creating a window that’s perfect for your home.
  • They can provide energy-saving benefits. Like any replacement window built with today’s technology, bay windows can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by reducing air exchange, blocking UV rays and lowering heat gain through double- or triple-paned glass with insulating gas fillers. Some new bay windows might look historic, but they are built with eco-friendly energy-saving technology that can reduce your air conditioning bill and help gently heat your home during Daytona’s winter season.

To achieve these benefits you’ll want to ensure that your windows are manufactured and installed to the highest professional standards. Connect with a Daytona professional who can provide you with a cost estimate for your replacement bay windows with the help of Local Home Pro. Click here to request your free estimate.