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Bay Window Installation in Jacksonville

Learn How Bay Windows Can Beautify Your Florida Home

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Bay Windows Jacksonville

Bay windows can be a great addition to your Jacksonville home. No matter what you think of when you think of a bay window, you might notice that it sticks out in your mind. A bay window is more than a window: it’s an architectural feature of a home, a place for rest, a display cabinet for precious objects...the list could go on. 

Whether you're building or renovating the Jacksonville home of your dreams, a bay window might be the perfect thing to help take your home to the next level. Read on to learn more about some of the features and benefits of this window type.

The Elegant Design of a Bay Window

A bay window is a window that extends out from the exterior wall of your home to form a special glassed-in alcove. Three panes of glass typically make up the bay window. A central picture window offers beautiful views of your property while two flanking windows can be customized with casement or double-hung sliding sashes that provide ventilation.

Bay windows are featured in a number of different architectural styles, which is great news for Jacksonville residents. With many historic neighborhoods, Jacksonville features many 19th- and 20th-century homes that typically feature bay windows.

But you don’t have to live in historic Springfield to add a bay window to your home. Because they can be fully customized to fit your design and performance needs, they work great for homes built after World War II that are in a more modern design as well. 

Two Types of Bay Window

Though there are many possible ways to customize your window, bay windows typically are constructed in two distinct styles: a trapezoidal and rectangular form. With a trapezoidal form, the side windows that flank the central picture window fan out at an angle to meet the wall of your home. This creates a gentle ramp out from the wall and back, creating a softer look. With a rectangular form, the side windows are arranged at right angles to the central window, creating a boxy look found on Eastlake homes and more modern builds.

The Many Ways to Customize a Bay Window

It’s not just the overall shape that can be made to fit your vision of a bay window. The types of window you choose for each of the three segments shape the look, character and performance of the window.

Choose a more historic look by choosing to have double-hung sliding windows on the side. These windows can open to provide refreshing breezes into your home and maintain a traditional look and operation. These windows can also be built to include muntins (the thin strips that create a checker-board appearance to the window) in order to blend in with your historic home or bring a traditional touch to a more modern one. 

You can also opt for casement windows on the side. Casements are hinged on the side like a door and open outward with the help of a hand crank at the base of the sill. This type of action is more modern (and can provide superior insulation performance because the casements fit more snugly into their frames than do traditional sliders). Yet even casement windows can be fitted with historic-looking details like muntins that provide a traditional character to the window.

The Benefits of a Bay Window

There are so many features that make a bay window a great choice for many different room types, from kitchens to living rooms to bedrooms. Below are just four highlights of the benefits of a bay window:

  • They let in more light. Because they extend out from the wall, bay windows can increase the surface area of the wall with glass, allowing in more light from various angles. 
  • They create more space. Whether you’d like to add a small cushion to your bay so you can bask in the sun or you would like to keep the ledge reserved as a showcase for your antiques, a bay window can provide the extra little space you’ve been looking for.  
  • They increase curb appeal. Bay windows make their presence known as a part of your home: they reach out from the wall, drawing the eye and the approval of your neighbors and guests. If you’re looking to update your home for yourself or as you prepare to sell, a bay window can be the perfect addition to an otherwise flat wall.
  • They offer a panoramic view. Unlike flat picture windows that sit flush to the wall, bay windows offer room to pop your head out beyond your siding and take in a 180-degree view of your property. Whether you want to see who pulled in the driveway, keep an eye on the kids, or just appreciate the view, a bay window can help.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of a bay window is to ensure that it is selected and installed with the professional help of a quality local contractor. That is why Local Home Pro works with vetted bay window installation Jacksonville contractors to get your replacement windows installed correctly the first time. Click here to receive your free estimate.