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Bay Window Installation in Raleigh

Learn How Bay Windows Can Beautify Your North Carolina Home

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Bay Window Installation in Raleigh

Raleigh is a city that brings together the best of the old with the best of the new. Historic architecture sits next to modernist masterpieces; cutting edge research is performed in centuries’ old institutions; the future of American technology and business is dreamed up in a city named for one of North America’s first explorers, Sir Walter Raleigh. 

When it comes to installing replacement windows, bay windows are a great fit for Raleigh homes. The traditional design of a bay window can help preserve the historic character of older homes and bring a touch of old-world charm to new builds. At the same time, cutting-edge design, production and installation techniques mean that today’s bay windows can help your house to reach new levels of energy efficiency. 

Read on to learn more about some of the benefits of the bay window and why one might be right for your Raleigh home.

What Sets Bay Windows Apart

Picture windows, casements and sliders all have their place in a home’s design. But those window types usually never occupy the prideful place given to a bay window. Bay windows are not a type of window, they are rather an architectural feature that can provide interior benefits to your home and enhance the curb appeal of your residence.

A bay window is a collection of three panes of glass arranged in a rectangle or trapezoid to form a bay (hence the name) that extends out from an exterior wall. The central pane is usually a fixed picture window that is the largest of the three windows. Its job is to provide you with an expansive, uninterrupted view. On either side are narrower windows that provide lateral views and usually ventilation. These side windows can be casement or slider windows that open and provide refreshing breezes into your home. 

Bay windows are found in homes of all types, from the most historic to the most modern. Take a walk through Raleigh’s Oakwood neighborhood and you’ll likely find many Victorian homes with bay windows. Queen Anne, Eastlake, Gothic and Italianate style historic homes frequently feature this window type.

But so too do modernist homes. In addition to its rich collection of historical houses, North Carolina sports the third-largest concentration of modernist homes in the U.S. Bay windows, in short, are versatile and look great with housing of many architectural styles.

Just a Few of the Benefits of a Bay Window

A great look is just the beginning of the benefits a bay window can bring to your home. Below is a short list of some of the design and operational features that can make it a great choice for Raleighites:

  • Bay windows provide more space. Because bay windows jut out from the wall of your home they can provide more interior space and a little ledge at their base. What you choose to do with the ledge is up to you. Are you looking for the perfect place to display some of your favorite antiques? Would you like to create more seating in your home with a bench tucked into the bay? The possibilities are endless for creating a new, light-filled space with a bay window. 
  • Bay windows provide more ventilation. Unlike flat sliding windows that can only bring air into your home, bay windows can provide two opening window sashes that sit opposite each other, creating a cross breeze. These side windows are often casement windows that easily open to the outside with the help of a hand crank at the base. The design of the bay window, in which the casements are mounted on the side of the extension, can also provide some extra protection compared with casements mounted on a flat wall. Bay windows can make it more difficult to accidentally bump and stress the windows when they are in an open position.
  • Bay windows provide more light. Increasing the windowed surface area of your home—and therefore the amount of light that can enter—is one reason that bay windows can be a great choice. Whether you would like to maximize the day-long sunlight or enjoy the sunrise or sunset, bay windows help capture the light to create beautiful, sunny rooms that are warm and inviting.
  • Bay windows provide better views. Because they extend out beyond the wall of your home, bay windows allow you to see the outdoors past the siding of your home. Want to keep a better eye on the kids as they play in the yard? Or maybe you would just like to keep an eye on your garden as your new plantings come in? Bay windows can provide 180-degree views of your property. The large central picture window also provides a beautiful frame through which to appreciate everything your property has to offer.

Local Home Pro Bay windows can be manufactured to the highest modern standards and are professionally installed to help reduce your heating and cooling bills year-round.

Do you think a bay window might be right for you? Let Local Home Pro help you with your replacement windows.