Comparing Bathtubs vs. Showers - Which is Better?

Consider the pros and cons of both before deciding which one to go with.

Published December 6, 2021

One of the most common home renovations is a bathroom remodel. While small cosmetic changes can give your bathroom an updated look, a full or even partial renovation can make things feel brand new.

If you’re deciding to renovate, one decision you’ll have to make is deciding between a tub or a shower. Some people will naturally think about sticking with what they already have for familiarity reasons, but a renovation may be the time to think outside of the box.

Going with a new shower or tub can give your bathroom a spa or hotel feel, so consider the pros and cons of both before deciding which one to go with.


Bathtub pros

  • Great for relaxing. A tub can be a place where you soak away your worries. This can allow you to clear your thoughts and relax your muscles.
  • Ideal for young children. Anyone with young children may prefer a tub since it’ll be easier to bath their little ones. This is especially true for new parents.
  • Different styles. Although tubs all serve the same purpose, there are different styles and varieties available. You could turn your bathroom into a statement room or your own personal getaway with the right tub.
  • Flexible design. Since tubs are finished on all sides, you can place them practically anywhere.
  • Additional features available. Bathtubs don’t need to be basic. You can get one that includes features such as whirlpool options and air jets.


Bathtub cons

  • Not always accessible. Traditional bathtubs require you to climb over them to get inside. This could be problematic for older people or anyone with mobility issues.
  • Takes up a lot of space. Many people will argue that the biggest con of tubs is their size. If you have a big bathroom, it won’t matter, but if space is at a premium, a tub is not ideal.
  • Requires a lot of water. There’s no denying how great it can be to soak in a tub, but they take a lot of water to fill. All that extra water could increase your monthly bills and may not be the best thing for the environment.


Shower pros

  • Less water consumption. Since you don’t need to fill your shower, your water consumption might be lower. You can even get a low-flow showerhead.
  • Quick and convenient. If you’re in a rush, you can take a shower in less time than it takes to fill up a tub.
  • Easily accessible. With a standup shower, you can get sliding or swinging doors. You can also add grab bars, non-slip tiles, and even a bench. This makes it a great option for people with mobility issues.
  • Does not require much space. If you have a small bathroom, a shower can be a good choice since they come in smaller sizes.
  • Additional features available. Showers have additional options available including rain shower heads and massage steams.


Shower cons

  • Not family friendly. Homes that only have showers are often not appealing to families with children.
  • Frequent cleaning required. Although you don’t technically need to clean your shower often, shower doors can quickly see visible lime and calcium stains.


The cost and return on showers vs. tubs.

Generally speaking, tubs are cheaper to install than showers. You can get a basic tub installed at a reasonable price, but if you’re looking for something more fancy with additional features, you may have to pay more.

There’s also the perceived value to consider. You could install a beautiful bathroom with a shower, but when it comes time to sell, it may actually hurt you. Some families with young children may want a tub, so they may value your home less if there isn’t one.

On the flip side of things, many people would argue that a shower is much more practical than a tub that looks gorgeous, but is in the middle of the bathroom. In the end, it’s a personal preference. You should go with what makes more sense for you now. That said, it’s a good idea to keep at least one tub in your home as it may help with your resale value.


Choosing between bathtubs and showers

There’s no doubt that deciding between a bathtub and shower can be a difficult choice. It can also be hard to visualize how things will look in your home. A great place to start is contacting a Local Home Pro professional since they use local installers from your community. During your free consultation, they can go over how a bathtub or shower could fit with your lifestyle. They’ll also be able to provide you with different design options and a no obligation quote. Contact Local Home Pro now to book your consultation!

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