How To Quiet A Noisy Rain Gutter Downspout

Discover what might be causing the noise in your downspouts and ways to help fix it.

Published June 2, 2022

After a long day at work or a long week, most people hope to get a good night’s sleep. However, if you live in a region that experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year, getting a full sleep may be challenging at times, especially if you are dealing with noisy rain gutter downspouts.

From rattling to dripping noises, your gutter system may turn into an annoying problem that can cause more stress in your life than needed. Therefore, if you want to learn how to quiet a noisy rain gutter downspout and get back to enjoying the peace and quiet around your home, keep reading.

How to Quiet a Noisy Rain Gutter Downspout

A noisy rain gutter downspout may be the result of many things. Therefore, we’re putting together a comprehensive guide to help you get to the source of your noisy gutter system and some methods that can help you alleviate your problem quickly.

What causes downspouts to drip?

Before fixing your noisy downspouts, the first thing you may need to do is figure out where the noise is coming from. Most of the time, the dripping and rattling noise you hear is due to water directly hitting the bottom of your downspout, also known as the elbow, rather than smoothly draining from top to bottom and away from your property. It may also be due to loose brackets that keep your gutter system attached to your home.

How to quiet gutters and downspouts

There are several methods you could use to help make your gutters and downspouts quiet again. Let’s take a closer look at some of these solutions below:

  • Reposition the angle of your downspout: You could reposition the angle of your downspout by installing a spacer between the elbow and your home or installing a more extended clip to help prevent water from dripping directly downward.
  • Absorb the water: By inserting an absorbent material such as a sponge or foam to the bottom of your downspout elbow could help to absorb the water as it drains.
  • Repair loose brackets: Tightening or replacing broken gutter brackets could help ensure your gutter system is properly secured to your home to help with reducing noise.

Why are my gutter downspouts making noise?

As we mentioned, if functioning correctly, your gutter system should not be making any unexpected noise. Therefore, if you begin to hear dripping or rattling, it may be due to draining rainwater directly hitting the elbow of your downspouts located at the end closest to your property. Alternatively, it could also mean there is a slight clog in your gutter system that is causing rainwater to collect and drip into your downspout and make that annoying dripping sound you continue to hear every time it rains.

How to fix a dripping downspout?

There are several ways to help fix your gutter system downspouts. However, before using any of these methods, it is important to ensure there is no debris clogging your gutter system, as it could directly influence how the water in your gutter system drains. Once you have cleared your system of any debris, you may then decide to choose between the following methods to reduce the noise:

Reposition your downspout angle

Repositioning the angle of your downspout with a longer clip or spacer may help reduce noise quickly and at little cost.

Absorb the water

Further, if you have changed the downspout angle and are still experiencing a dripping noise, then you may insert an absorbing material such as a sponge or foam into the bottom of your downspout elbow. This can help prevent the water from directly hitting the side of your downspout as it will be absorbed and then later drained away from your property.

Use a Rain Chain

A rain chain is an alternative to downspouts that help direct falling rainwater from your roof. These originated in Japan and are decorative pieces that may be customizable and functional.

Can you use a rain chain without gutters?

While rain chains could be helpful in regions that don’t experience heavy rainfall throughout the year, it might not be the best idea to use one without a gutter system, as they may not be able to collect as much water. Additionally, if you live in a part of the United States that experiences heavy rain, it might be best to avoid using rain chains due to their inability to collect a lot of rain at once.

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