When to Replace Your Siding

Since your siding is a vital layer that protects your home from the weather, it’s important to properly maintain it.

Published December 6, 2021

Although siding is one of the most important elements of your home, it can often get neglected. This might be because some homeowners tend to focus on renovations inside their home first. However, since your siding is a vital layer that protects your home from all weather, it’s important to properly maintain it.

However, over time, your siding may need to be replaced. The question is, when is it time to replace your siding? That can depend on a few different factors, but there are a few signs that it might be time for a change.


Rotted and crumbling

If you have wood siding, then you may want to frequently inspect if the siding is rotting or crumbling. Although it can be possible to make a quick repair to a small amount of rot, the odds are that you can see more damage over time as rot can spread. Once you start to see rot in multiple areas, it’s often best to replace your siding as soon as possible. You may also want to consider switching from wood to vinyl siding as it’s a rot-resistant material that can have a longer life span, even with constant exposure to the weather.


Cracks and holes

Cracks, holes and gaps in siding can be a nightmare for many homeowners. Cracks can form from multiple causes, such as weather damage or even from children playing ball. It could also be caused by small animals or insects that are looking to nest inside your home. Regardless, when cracks are spotted, it can be important to get your siding replaced as early as possible. This is because cracks and holes in your siding can let moisture get inside and potentially cause structural integrity concerns, especially if the gaps are wide. 


Increased electricity bills

Have you noticed your electricity bills going up slowly over time, even though you’ve made efforts to keep your home energy efficient? The culprit might be your siding, even if there are no obvious signs of damage. One way to check is by feeling for drafts or cool air near your walls, windows, or electrical outlets. If you feel any drafts, chances are, your siding might no longer be able to insulate properly. Thus, you may want to contact a professional for a check-up and get better insulated siding for your home, which can help reduce your monthly energy bills.


Moisture in your home

Sometimes, the signs to replace your siding can be found right inside your home. Have you noticed any damp walls or peeling paint in your rooms? If so, this might be a sign that moisture has gotten through your siding and into your walls. While some people may think that this is just a mild inconvenience and push off repairs to a later date, moisture inside your home could lead to mold and mildew. This could then leave an unpleasant smell and can negatively affect your health. Thus, if you notice moisture inside your home, you may want to quickly check the condition of the same area on the exterior of your home to see if there’s any damage with the siding. If there’s damage, then it might be best to contact a professional and prepare for a siding replacement.


You’re planning to move

If you’re thinking about moving or selling your home, you may also want to consider replacing your siding. Think about it from a potential buyer’s perspective. When they pull up to your home, one of the first things they can see is your siding. Thus, replacing your siding can be a good investment as it could help increase your property value. Plus, new siding may even help give your home a wow factor that can put it above other comparable properties.


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