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Bow Window Installation Jacksonville

Learn more about replacement bow windows in Jacksonville, FL

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Professional Bow Window Installation Jacksonville

From modern city skylines to gorgeous sandy beaches, Jacksonville, Florida, is a beautiful city with great weather year round. However, while the city boasts a warm, sunny climate for the majority of the year, there are a few tropical storms once in a while. Thus, Jacksonville homeowners may want to make sure that their home is cool, comfortable, and secured from any weather that may come their way. Therefore, it can be important to have high-quality, durable windows to help protect your home.

Here at Local Home Pro, we understand how stressful of a task replacing the windows in your home can be. From choosing the right materials to choosing a trustworthy contractor, all of the small to-dos on your list can take up a lot of your time.

This is why our experts are here to pair you with a local bow window installation contractor in Jacksonville who has been pre-vetted based on experience and reliability, so you can find comfort in your home all year round.

What is a Bow Window?

A popular window style among homeowners is the bow window. A bow window is a multi-pane window that extends from the wall of your home in a semicircle, forming a gentle curve or “bow” across the window opening.

You may be wondering, is there a difference between bay windows and bow windows? The answer is yes, there absolutely is! To help you get a better idea about the key differences are between these two types of window styles, take a look below:

  • While both types of windows extend from the exterior wall of your home, bay windows have a hexagonal shape whereas bow windows have a sleek arc shape.
  • Bow windows require a minimum of four window frames to create the desired arc design while bay windows require a minimum of three window frames.
  • With bow windows, homeowners may be limited in selecting what type of window they can choose, as most bow windows are created using casement windows. Meanwhile, bay windows can have a little more flexibility when it comes to choosing the type of window that can be installed.

Choose Local Home Pro for your window replacement project!

While there are many window replacement contractors in the Jacksonville area, it can be difficult to narrow down which ones are reliable and a good fit for your project requirements. With Local Home Pro, homeowners don’t have to worry.

Remember, hiring a trusted bow window installation contractor can not only help ensure that your home is sealed off from the Florida sun and storms, but it can also help you control the atmosphere of each room with natural light and ventilation, so you can help save costs on your monthly heating and cooling bill.

The Advantages of Installing High-Quality Bow Windows

If you’re still debating on whether you should install bow windows in your home, no need to worry, we understand that a window does more than keep your home’s interior comfortable against the Florida weather. In fact, we have created a list of benefits to bow windows that you may not already be aware of:

  • Bow windows can aid in refining the overall curbside appeal of your home which may help increase your home’s property value.
  • Bow windows can help offer you an elegant finish that adds a beautiful focal point on the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Are you looking for extra space, storage, seating, or a comfortable reading nook? With bow windows, you can have it all.
  • They can help provide natural light and ventilation all year round.
  • Whether you’re looking to keep a watchful eye on the kids or stare out into the beautiful Jacksonville sunset, with bow window installation, you can have a 180-degree view of the outside whenever you want.

Are There Any Disadvantages with Bow Window Installation?

Of course, before installing bow windows into your home, it can also be a good idea to make sure that you know of any potential problems that could arise before installing these windows:

  • If your Jacksonville home does not already have bow windows installed, you may need to perform extra renovations to achieve the desired look, which could mean more time and budget costs.
  • As the overall bow window design requires at least four windows to create the desired look, homeowners may need to spend more money up front to purchase each window.
  • If your windows aren’t completely sealed from the outside, you can run the risk of having a home improvement project that costs you more money in the long run. Thus, it can be important to hire a local bow window installation Jacksonville contractor that you can trust.

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