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Bow Window Installation Milwaukee

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Bow Window Installation in Milwaukee

Large, majestic and picturesque, the bow window can be a great architectural feature for any house. Bow windows can come in many configurations and they can be designed to complement many homes, ranging from a historic 19th-century revival-style mansion to a mid-century modern bungalow. 

Interested in installing a bow window for your home? Read on to learn more about the bow window, its benefits and how it might be right for your Milwaukee home.

What Is a Bow Window?

Just like the name implies, a bow window is one that has a bow, or a curve, to its design, with four or more glass panes arranged to create an arc that extends out from the wall of your home. This might sound similar to a bay window, and indeed, many builders and architects think of the bow window as a specific type of bay window. However, there are a couple of key differences between the two types of window.

The first difference has to do with the shape of the windows and the number of glass panes. Bay windows typically have only three glass panes that are arranged in a trapezoidal or rectangular shape, with two narrow ones that reside on two sides of a large central pane. Bow windows, on the other hand, can have four or more panes, usually of equal dimensions, that form an elegant and gentle arc that sweeps across the window opening. 

The second difference relates to the windows design. Bay windows are typically made of a large central picture window pane with two smaller casement windows pane on either side. In this design, only the casement windows can be opened to let in some air. With bow windows, there can be many more configurations as the individual panes can all be made of casements that can all be opened. Depending on the needs of your home, bow windows can be built to allow for maximum ventilation or maximum insulation.

Bow Windows Can Be Used in All Types of Milwaukee Homes

Bow windows have been used in homes for hundreds of years and can work beautifully with many architectural styles from different eras. This can be great news for those who live in Milwaukee, where a full 42% of homes were built before 1940. Many of these homes feature stately living spaces and picturesque architectural features that were designed with bow windows in mind. 

In addition, because they can be fully customizable, bow windows can work great in homes of any style. The living space of a single-story bungalow can be given new life with a bow window installed in place of an old picture window. Bow windows can also look great in kitchen, dining spaces, stairwells, entrances or other rooms that can benefit from light and character.

A Few of the Benefits of Bow Windows

There can be many benefits to installing bow windows. Below, check out a few key reasons that Milwaukee homeowners might want to choose bow windows for their home:

  • They can help provide a lot of light. If you’re thinking of replacing an existing window with a bow window, you may be delighted by the changes that you can notice in your room. Bow windows can extend out and increase the surface area of the window opening. Thus, they can help let in more light. In addition, because bow windows are made of several panes of glass arranged on a gentle curve, the sunlight can be reflected into the home in subtle and changing ways throughout the day.
  • They can help provide exceptional views. Bow windows can also help provide a beautifully framed view of your garden. Because bow windows extend out beyond the outside wall, they can help provide a panoramic view of the front and sides of your property, allowing you to keep a better eye on the kids, see who just arrived in the driveway or simply appreciate your newly planted garden.
  • They can help provide extra space. Are you looking for a ledge to showcase some of your prized possessions? Or perhaps you would like a new space to curl up with a good book? Bow windows can help with both as their curved design creates a little ledge in your room that you can use as a seating area. 
  • They can be customized to fit your needs. In most bow windows, each pane of glass is of the same dimension, which means that you can choose which panes you would like to be casements that can open up to the outside. Whether you’re looking to increase the ventilation in your home or prefer to keep it tightly sealed, bow windows can help accommodate your needs.

Are Bow Windows Right for Your Home?

Wondering if bow windows are right for your Milwaukee home? Get all the details you need to make an informed choice by requesting a free estimate with Local Home Pro! Our trusted, local contractors can help you find the perfect bow windows for your home.

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