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Casement Windows in Jacksonville

Learn Why Casement Windows Might Be Perfect for Your Home

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Casement Window Installation in Jacksonville

Jacksonville homeowners know all about beautiful weather—and not-so beautiful weather too. Whether it’s extreme heat, raging winds or torrential rains and flooding, Jacksonville endures it all. It’s therefore important to have a window that’s as prepared as you are to face the elements and take advantage of the gorgeous southern sun and fresh Florida breeze year-round.

When considering what type of replacement window is right for your Jacksonville home, it might be worth putting casement windows in consideration. Durable, versatile and with several distinct advantages over traditional double-hung or picture windows, casement windows can help offer a lot to Florida homeowners who are looking for curb appeal, convenience and value. Read on to learn more about the many advantages of casement windows.

What Sets Casement Windows Apart?

Unlike sliding windows that move up and down in a track, casement windows are hinged on the side like a door and open outward with the help of a crank on the interior sill. They can be large or small and designed in a number of different configurations. For living areas, a large picture window can be paired with one or more casements on either side to provide ventilation in addition to letting in more light. Casements can work well in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways, and can be built in a number of styles to match historic homes, mid-century modern bungalows or steel-and-glass contemporary masterpieces. No matter the age or style of your Jacksonville home, casement windows can be configured to match.

The Benefits of Casement Windows

One of the nice features of casement windows is their versatility. They can work well in all weather conditions, for many room types and for homes of many styles. Here are just some of the ways that casements can work for your home:

  • They can help provide superior insulation. Unlike sliding windows that move in a track (creating opportunities for an imperfect seal), casement windows can close tightly into their frame and can help create a more airtight seal when closed. Heated or cooled air from your home can’t escape to the outside, reducing the amount of work your furnace or air conditioner has to do. Save money, reduce your energy consumption and help the environment with high-efficiency casement windows. 
  • They can be strong and secure. Casement windows can have locks that are built into the frame of the window, providing a solid and durable lock that’s inaccessible from the outside. Sliding windows can sometimes be tampered with because the lock is attached to the sliding sash. But casement windows can help ensure that your window frame is tightly secured when closed. Because casement windows can be constructed with just a single frame (unlike double-hung sash windows), there are fewer moving parts that may jostle or vibrate during gale-force winds. Moreover, the windows can be constructed with impact-resistant glass and with other safety measures that meet and surpass the most stringent Florida building codes.
  • They can help provide better breezes. Unlike most window types, casement windows can open outward and catch the gentle wind currents that run along the outer walls of your home. By helping to channel the fresh Florida air in, you can enjoy a more comfortable environment in your home during Jacksonville's most beautiful days.
  • They can be easy to use. It might be the single greatest feature of casement windows: the fact that they are easy to open, close and clean. Everyone might have the experience of trying to get a sticky sliding sash to budge. You might knock it with the palm of your hand, strain your back and lose all patience before it finally flies open and smashes your finger. There’s nothing more frustrating, especially if it’s starting to rain! Casement windows can help take away all the frustration by opening and closing with an easy-to-use mechanism. A hand crank on the interior sill allows you to open the window a little bit or all the way with a turn of the wrist. Another benefit of the hand crank is that it may not interfere with any window treatments. No more fussing with curtains as you try to open or close the window! Is your window over a sink, the washing machine or a large piece of furniture? Casement hand cranks can help take the difficulty out of reaching the window. Simply reach for one knob and you can have your window opened or shut tight in moments.

A Historic Window With Modern Performance and Convenience

Since casement windows are made of a single pane of glass, they can be used to replace non-opening picture windows without changing the architectural character of your home. Pair casements with large picture windows to create a glass wall that lets in tons of light as well as refreshing breezes. 

Perhaps, though, you’re building a new home in a revival style and are looking to keep your home looking classic. Casements can be designed and built to emulate the traditional look of windows with muntins, the strips that separate individual panes of glass in traditional casements or double-hung sashes. You don’t have to sacrifice ease or functionality to have a window that looks faithful to a period architectural style.

No matter what type of home you have, a casement window can help you achieve the energy, design and performance goals that you have for your home. Book your free, no-obligation consultation and let Local Home Pro help you connect with a trusted local professional who can provide you with a free estimate.