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Casement Windows in Milwaukee

Learn How Casement Windows Are Built for Milwaukee Weather

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Casement Window Installation in Milwaukee

There’s an old joke about the weather in Milwaukee: if you don’t like it, just wait ten minutes (because it will, of course, change). Sweltering summer heat can be broken in an afternoon with a powerful storm, a midwest wind and torrential downpour. A deep winter freeze can disappear overnight thanks to a January thaw (which, by Milwaukee standards, might just mean temps in the 20s!). Weather-wise Milwaukeeans can see it all, from rain to snow and everything in between—except hurricanes (usually).

It’s therefore important to make sure your home is prepared for the unpredictable with windows that insulate and protect your house from mother nature’s elements. Quality, professionally installed windows can help keep the cold out, the heat in and your home dry. If you currently own a home with windows that are more than a generation old, you might find that you are spending more on heating and cooling your home than you need to. If you’re looking to replace your current windows, casement windows might be the perfect choice to help your home stand up to Milwaukee weather.

What Makes Casement Windows Work

Casement windows are windows hinged on the side like a door and swing open to the outside with the help of a hand crank at the base of the sill. Because of this unique and modern construction, casements can offer a number of advantages over other window types, including:

  • A tighter seal. With a casement window, the weatherstrip that forms the tight seal between the sash and the frame is mounted on the part of the window that opens to the outside. This means that when the window is closed, it can help form a tighter seal than is possible with sliding windows that move up and down in track. Not only that, casements can close more snugly with the help of the locking mechanism that is mounted on the frame. Locks on sliding windows just prevent the two sashes from moving up or down. Locks on casements can help draw the window even tighter to your home, forming a weatherproof seal that keeps your home’s air inside.
  • Easy action. Have you ever strained your back trying to push a window up or down? Perhaps your window is over a sink or another large piece of furniture like a couch, making it difficult to reach and have leverage over. Casement windows can help take away the pain of opening and closing your windows by using a hand crank action. You can simply turn the small handle at the base of the window and your casement window easily opens out into nature or back into its closed position. And if you have blinds, curtains or other window treatments, you won’t have to move them to quickly open or close the window. Casements can help save you effort and from the trouble of fussing with things just to get a good breeze.
  • Better breezes. Windows that are flush with the outer walls of your home can have trouble channeling nature’s breezes into your home. Milwaukee spring and fall are the perfect times to leave your windows open, and casement windows can help catch these breezes and send them through your home.
  • Modern construction. Like newly built windows of many designs, casement windows can be manufactured using the most sophisticated materials and technologies to ensure they insulate and protect your home to the highest standards. With better insulation, casements can help you save energy and reduce your heating or cooling energy consumption, helping the environment. 

Casement Are a Great Choice for Any Home

Though casement windows are modern in their construction, they can be designed to suit any architectural style. From nineteenth-century revival-style homes to cutting-edge contemporary designs, casement windows can be a great look for any home.

If you are building a new house in a modernist design, you might want to keep your windows as large and glassy as possible. Casements can work great for these homes because, like picture windows, there are no sash frames, locks or mechanisms that take up window space as in the more traditional-looking sliding windows. Casements keep all of the window’s area for the glass, leaving you uninterrupted views of your property.

Perhaps, though, you live in one of Milwaukee’s many gorgeous historic homes and are looking to preserve the character of the architecture and design. You don’t necessarily have to stick with double-hung sash windows: casements can be manufactured to emulate a traditional look. They can be made with “muntins,” the strips that divide the larger window into smaller panes (usually six or eight).

Casement windows can be made to emulate any historic style or design to fit with the character of home you choose, no matter if it is hundreds of years old, from the mid-century or brand new.

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