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Learn Why Casement Windows Are a Great Option for Raleigh Homes

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Casement Window Installation in Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina, is a city of historic beauty, modern innovation and extraordinary weather—of all kinds. Beautiful windows that are durable and high-performing are therefore important to have in your Raleigh home. But which type will work best?

It’s true that not a single type of window will work for all spaces. Casement windows, however, can be a great option for most rooms in a Raleigh home. Read on to learn what casement windows are, what benefits they can bring to your home and why casements might be the perfect option for your replacement windows.

The Beautiful and Historic Casement Window

Casement windows have been around for centuries. Their modern iterations have some distinctive features, but for hundreds of years, casements have been defined by a single characteristic: they are hinged on the side. Unlike sliding windows that move up or down in a track, or picture windows that don’t move (or open) at all, casement windows have hinges on the right or left side of the window pane that can allow them to open outward into nature. 

To keep casement windows from flying open in the wind or clapping against the wall of the home, historically, this window type featured iron stays (essentially a rigid bar with a hook on the end) to keep the open window in place. Today, casement windows have more sophisticated and functional mechanisms that achieve the same ends. At the base of the interior sill of a casement window, you’ll find a hand crank that is used to open the window as much—or as little—as you like. 

Old casement windows might also have featured six or eight panes held together by muntins to form the entire window. Today’s casements might feature those vertical and horizontal strips as well to mimic the historic look of this window type. However, a modern casement can be made of a single, and sometimes quite large, pane of glass that gives the windows a contemporary and stylish look.

This is all to say that casements can work great with many styles of home—something that makes them a great fit for Raleigh. Whether you live in a federal-style townhouse, a Queen Anne mansion or a mid-century modern wonder, newly-constructed casement windows can suit your home at the same time that they offer cutting-edge standards of performance.

Just a Few of the Benefits of Casement Windows

There are many good things to say about casements; below are several reasons they might be a good choice for you:

  • Superior insulation. Casement windows can fit more snugly into their frames than sliding windows (which can run in poorly insulated tracks). Though they can’t quite match the insulating perfection of the picture window, they can get close and still do something picture windows can’t: open! Casement windows, in short, can help provide the benefits of several window types in a single design.
  • Better breezes. There’s one more advantage casements have over their sliding window counterparts, and that’s the fact they can help provide your home with better breezes. Since casements open outward, they can help catch the wind currents that run along the side of your house and channel them inward. Enjoy more of the beautiful North Carolina air with casements that bring gentle breezes through every part of your home.
  • Pristine views. Sliding windows can sometimes get in the way: open one up and the aluminum or wood edge of the sash is suddenly stuck in the middle of the other. With a casement, the entire window pane can open when you turn the crank, meaning that it can look just like a picture window when closed and won’t obstruct your view when open. 
  • Easier operation. This might be the single greatest feature of a casement window: the fact that it can open simply and easily with the turn of a crank. You are probably familiar with the headaches of opening and closing sliding windows. Sometimes they stick. The blinds are in the way. It’s hard to reach over the sink or the couch to get to it. Casements can help you avoid these headaches. You can simply turn the crank at the base and the window opens up; no fussing with the blinds, no hurting your back and no frustrating attempts to unstick the sash.
  • Solid security. Casements can feature double locking mechanisms that can help keep the window perfectly sealed when closed (saving money on your energy bill) and make it much more difficult than other window types to pry open from the outside. In this way casement windows can help provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you’re saving energy while keeping your home (and its occupants) safe.
  • Durability. Raleigh weather can be great, but occasionally mother nature unleashes her wrath and sets her sights squarely on the Carolina coast. Casement windows can help offer modern design and construction that will help your home to stand up to storms, saving you money down the road in repairs in addition to keeping your precious things inside as safe as they can be.

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