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Double Hung Windows in Nashville

If you live in the beautiful and lively city of Nashville, Tennessee, then you might know how important it is to have a comfortable home all year round to escape from the heat or storms that hit the coast every once in a while. One way to help keep your home comfortable is ensuring that your windows are up to date, so that you can more easily control the interior temperature of your home without increasing your monthly heating and cooling bill. Therefore, if your windows are getting older, or have noticeable damage to them, then it may be time for a replacement.

Here at Local Home Pro, we understand that while a home renovation project can be exciting, it can also take up a lot of time outside of your already busy schedule. This is why we have partnered with local contractors in Nashville who can help install your windows efficiently. We ensure that all contractors who are partnered with us are professionals in their craft and have a track record of success. This way, when you work with Local Home Pro, you can rest assured knowing that your window replacement is in good hands.

The Double Hung Window vs. The Single Hung Window

There are numerous styles of windows that you can choose from to decorate your home. Of which, double hung windows are among one of the most popular window styles for American homeowners.

Double hung windows feature two sashes that operate on both the top and bottom of the window, which enables you to open the lower and uppermost portions to allow more ventilation into your home. Each windowpane also has the ability to open upwards and tilt inwards to increase air ventilation, and make it easier and more convenient to clean.

Many homeowners may get confused between double hung and single hung windows because they look similar in design. However, there are some slight differences between the two styles. For example, while double-hung windows open on the top and bottom, single hung windows can only open on the bottom, offering less air ventilation. 

Another noticeable difference is that double hung windows have more mechanical parts due to their design. This makes double hung windows more expensive to install and less energy efficient than single hung windows. 

The Pros of Double Hung Windows

To help you decide if double hung windows are right for your family and home, you may want to learn more about the pros and cons of double hung windows. Below, we’ve listed some of the advantages that you could benefit from when you install double hung windows in your Nashville home, including:

  • Double hung windows can help provide increased ventilation and natural light, creating a comfortable atmosphere in home. 
  • The windows may also help enhance the overall curb appeal of your home.
  • Double hung windows may help increase the overall energy efficiency of your home by cutting costs on heating and cooling bills when installed correctly.
  • They may also help increase the property value of your home.

The Versatility of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows can also offer homeowners with versatility that can help you enhance each room of your home. When installing double hung windows, you can choose between several options, allowing you to customize windows that can match your design aesthetic.

The Cons of Double Hung Window Installation

While there are many benefits to installing double hung windows in your home, there are also some cons that you might want to be aware of before installing double hung windows. Keep in mind, these cons may not be applicable to all Nashville homeowners:

  • While double hung windows can be easy to operate, as they get older throughout the years, the mechanical parts may become difficult to operate, which can require you to use some force to open the window fully.
  • As double hung windows have numerous mechanical parts, once they become weathered, they may need replacing and might require you to spend more money down the road.
  • Double hung windows can also be fairly costly upfront compared to other window frames available. However, keep in mind that the costs can differ depending on the types of material you choose for your window frames, the thickness of the glass, and the size of frames you order as well.

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