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Gutter Installation in Houston

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Gutter installation in Houston

Believe it or not, Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States, and its population continues to grow. In the next decade, the city is projected to become the third-largest in the U.S. due to its fast growth rate. What makes Houston, Texas so attractive? Southern charm, world-class cuisine, and an international population. Not to mention the fact that Houston has seen impressive job growth in the past decade. So if you’re a Houston resident, then you should consider yourself lucky to live in such a vibrant and exciting city.

Beyond the cultural activities and job opportunities, Houston also boasts a subtropical climate, meaning residents can look forward to warm, humid weather year-round. However, along with those warmer temperatures can come heavy precipitation, high winds, and sometimes hurricanes. That is why, as a Houston homeowner, it’s important to prepare your home for extreme weather, and one of the best ways to do that is by regularly maintaining your gutter system.

Gutters are your home’s first line of defence against rain, so if they become blocked or cracked, it could result in some serious water damage to your home. The main role of gutters is to collect and divert water away from the home. Water from the roof collects in the gutters and then flows down the downspout. However, if your gutters are full of fallen leaves, twigs, or debris, it can clog them, preventing the water from draining properly. Gutters that aren’t able to function properly because of a clog can lead to serious issues, such as:

  • Water stains down the exterior of your home
  • Water seeping into the foundation of your home, which can lead to instability
  • Water spilling over the edges of your gutters, pooling around your house and/or ruining your lawn
  • Sagging or cracked gutters, caused by the weight of the debris and water that isn’t draining

As you can see, failing to regularly maintain your gutters can cause some major problems for you and your home. If you’re dealing with any of the issues above, then it may be time to clean, if not replace, your gutter system.

Thankfully, Local Home Pro can help. We understand how stressful home renovations can be, which is why we aim to make them as quick and easy as possible. We vet all of our contractors to ensure we partner with those who offer high quality and reliable work. That way, when you use Local Home Pro to hire a professional gutter installer, you can rest easy knowing the project will be executed well.

The Main Reasons You Should Invest in Gutter Protection for Your Houston Home

Investing in adequate gutter protection may be one of the best decisions you can make as a Houston homeowner. To help prepare your home for the high levels of precipitation Houston is prone to during hurricane season, functioning gutters are important. As you now know, gutters that are old or clogged can wreak havoc on your property. Investing in gutter protection offers a whole host of benefits to Houston homeowners, some of which include:

  • New gutters can help you save money in the long run by preventing damage to your property
  • Properly installed gutters can help prevent flooding
  • New LeafGuard® gutters stop the build-up of leaves, branches, and other debris, making them easier to maintain in the future
  • Installing new gutters can help increase the property value and curbside appeal of your home (a huge advantage if you’re considering selling)
  • New gutters will drain properly, preventing water from spilling over onto the lawn and ruining your grass

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Your New Gutters

Though DIY projects are viewed as a fun challenge to some, they can be dangerous. Installing new gutters is one home renovation project you may not want to try yourself, as the risk of injury is high. Working high up on a ladder is something only experienced professionals should do. Plus, the tools required to install gutters can be tricky to use. Installing your own gutters also means you run the risk of installing them incorrectly, which could actually cost you more money down the line. For a whole list of reasons why you should hire a gutter installation professional for your gutter installation, keeping reading:

  • Gutter installation requires complicated, expensive equipment that many Houston homeowners might not have on hand. A professional will already have this equipment and know how to use it.
  • Professional gutter installers are experts in their field and can offer their expertise and advice.
  • It’s not uncommon for homeowners to make mistakes when attempting to install their own gutters, which can lead to serious damage and cost more money in the long run. Hiring professionals will help you avoid this outcome and likely even save you money down the line.
  • Hiring a professional gutter installer is convenient. Rather than spending your time off doing home maintenance, you can relax knowing your gutter installation is being taken care of by a professional.


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While Houston homeowners generally get to enjoy a warm, tropical climate, the area is prone to heavy rainfall and high winds come hurricane season, which makes the maintenance of your gutter system so important. 

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