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HVAC Installation in Houston

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HVAC Installation in Houston

As the fourth largest city in the United States, there are many things to see and do in Houston, Texas. Whether you’re cycling along the Buffalo Bayou, checking out the Houston Zoo with your family, or marveling at fine art at The Menil Collection, Houston is a wonderful place to call home.

If you live in Houston, then you might be used to the types of weather it experiences. Home to a subtropical climate, locals can expect hot, humid weather for a large part of the year. The hottest months are typically June through September (with August experiencing an average daily high of 94°F,) and the coldest months are usually around December and January. Though the weather is mainly warm and humid, during the winter months, temperatures can drop as low as 47°F. In fact, the city has even seen snow as recently as February 2021. 

Given the temperature fluctuations in Houston, local homeowners may want to ensure their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are up to date. HVAC systems are responsible for heating and cooling your home. A properly functioning HVAC system may be especially important in places like Houston that often experience hot weather. Without air conditioning to cool down the summer heat, your home could potentially become really hot. Similarly, during winter, without a heater to keep you warm, you may find your home to be uncomfortably cold. 

If you aren’t sure whether your current HVAC system is functioning as it should be, consider whether you’ve noticed any of the telltale signs below:

  • Your air conditioner or heat pump is over 10 years old, and/or your furnace is 15-20 years old
  • Your air conditioning unit or heat pump have SEER ratings of 10 or less, or your furnace has an 80% AFUE rating or less
  • Your utility bills have gone up recently, yet you haven’t increased the usage of your HVAC system
  • The temperatures throughout your home are uneven
  • Your HVAC system is constantly running 
  • Your system has started making loud noises (in the case of a furnace, this could be a grinding or squealing noise)
  • Your air conditioning unit has started blowing very little air or leaking water 

If any of the signs mentioned above sound familiar, it’s possible all or part of your HVAC systems may need replacing. Thankfully, Local Home Pro can help. 

We can help make HVAC installation easy by creating a stress-free home renovation experience. We have already vetted contractors in Houston to ensure that we only partner with top contractors in the area who offer high quality and reliable work. This way, when you hire a professional HVAC installer through Local Home Pro, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.

Why You Should Invest in HVAC Installation for Your Home

Replacing an old HVAC system with a new one can be a great decision for your home. Why? It all comes down to the benefits that new and fully-functional HVAC systems may provide. Beyond helping make your home more comfortable to be in throughout the year, Houston homeowners may find that a new HVAC system offers several other advantages, including: 

  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems with a higher SEER rating use less electricity than old systems with a lower SEER rating, which can help minimize your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems may help reduce your monthly energy bills, and may also make you eligible for rebates and incentives (which typically have minimum requirements to qualify).
  • A new HVAC system may also help increase the property value of your home.
  • Installing a new HVAC system can also help make your home more comfortable to be in, as a new system tends to produce more even heating and cooling, consistent airflow levels, and better humidity control.
  • Unlike some older systems that shake, rattle, and make all kinds of noises, new HVAC systems can be designed to operate more quietly. 

Key Considerations When Installing A New HVAC System in Your Home

Given the important role an HVAC system plays in one’s home, choosing a new system isn’t a decision that can be made lightly. In fact, there are various factors Houston homeowners may wish to consider. From the size of your home to Houston’s subtropical climate, below are a few key considerations Houston residents may want to take into account when installing a new HVAC system in their home: 

  • The size of your home: It’s often best to choose an HVAC system that is designed for the specific size of your home. This is because systems designed for larger spaces may cause problems when set up in a smaller home, such as cooling the house too quickly or shutting off prematurely.
  • The climate of the region you live in: If you live in a moderate climate, you might want to consider installing a heat pump rather than a furnace. However, if you live in a warmer climate like Houston’s, then you may want to consider installing a furnace and an air conditioning unit.
  • The energy efficiency of the HVAC system: As mentioned above, homeowners may derive several benefits from an energy-efficient HVAC system. If the energy efficiency of your new system matters, then you might want to look for air conditioners and heat pumps with a SEER rating of 15 or over, and furnaces with an AFUE rating of over 90%.
  • The ducts in your home: If you don’t have air ducts to support a furnace or air conditioning unit in your home, you may want to consider installing a ductless system that can help heat and cool your space.
  • The installation of the system: Though some Houston homeowners might want to try installing their new HVAC system on their own, the installation of such units can be complicated, and doing so incorrectly may potentially reduce efficiency. Thus, it might be best to hire a licensed contractor as they know how to install your new system correctly and can help get it up and running quickly. 

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