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HVAC Installation in Raleigh

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HVAC Installation in Raleigh

Raleigh, otherwise known as the City of Oaks (owing to its many majestic, oak tree-lined streets), is a wonderful place to call home. This North Carolina city offers residents an affordable cost of living, several incredible post-secondary institutions, and a growing job market. Raleigh is also home to the largest R&D center in the country, the Research Triangle Park.

Even more, Raleigh, North Carolina, boasts a humid subtropical climate characterized by long, hot summers and short, cold winters. Although the city only receives an average of 4 inches of snow per year, temperatures can dip as low as 33°F. That said, there are many warm months. In fact, between April and October, average highs are consistently in the 70s and 80s.

Given the fluctuating temperatures the city experiences throughout the year, Raleigh homeowners may want to equip their homes with quality HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) that offer both heating and cooling capabilities. HVAC systems can help maintain your home’s temperature, regulate airflow throughout and even control humidity. Thus, if you’re looking to stay comfortable during Raleigh’s changing seasons, you may want to check if your current HVAC system is up to date.

If you aren’t sure whether your current HVAC system is functioning properly, consider whether you’ve noticed any of the warning signs of an underperforming system below:

  • Your air conditioner or heat pump is over 10 years old, and/or your furnace is 15-20 years old
  • The temperatures throughout your home are uneven
  • It sounds like your HVAC system is constantly running 
  • Your air conditioner blows very little air and/or leaks water 
  • Your energy bills have risen without increased usage of your HVAC system
  • Your HVAC system is making loud or strange noises
  • Your air conditioning unit or heat pump have SEER ratings of 10 or less, or your furnace has an AFUE rating of 80% or less

If you’ve been dealing with any of the signs and symptoms above, then it’s possible that your HVAC system may need replacing. To be sure, you may wish to hire a professional contractor who can assess your existing HVAC unit and offer their professional opinion as to whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Luckily, Local Home Pro can help you with that. 

At Local Home Pro, we can help make finding a Raleigh contractor easy. We’ve done the work for you, vetting all contractors and partnering with those who are reliable and provide quality work. This way, when you hire a Raleigh contractor through Local Home Pro, you can sit back and relax knowing your HVAC installation will go well. 

Why You Should Invest in HVAC Installation for Your Raleigh Home

Beyond helping regulate the temperature of your home and making it more pleasurable to spend time in, investing in a new HVAC system may offer several other benefits to Raleigh homeowners. New HVAC systems nowadays can operate more quietly and can be more energy-efficient. Plus, installing a new HVAC system in your Raleigh home may even help boost its property value and make you eligible for rebates and incentives. To learn more about the advantages that may come from investing in a new HVAC system, keep reading:

  • Old HVAC systems may rattle, shake, or make other loud noises, but new units can be built to operate more quietly.
  • Installing a new HVAC system may help boost the property value of your home (a bonus if you plan on selling in the future).
  • Installing an energy-efficient HVAC system in your Raleigh home may also help make you eligible for certain rebates and incentives, which usually have minimum requirements to qualify. These rebates may be offered by your state government, the federal government, or even your local utility provider. 
  • Energy-efficient HVAC units tend to consume less electricity, which may help reduce your home’s carbon footprint. 
  • Installing a new HVAC system can also help make your home more enjoyable and comfortable to spend time in, as new units can provide more consistent airflow levels, even heating and cooling, and better humidity control.
  • Since energy-efficient HVAC systems generally consume less electricity, they may help lower the cost of your monthly energy bills. 

Key Considerations When Installing A New HVAC System in Your Raleigh Home

Once you’ve made the decision to install a new HVAC system in your Raleigh home, you may want to consider which system is suitable for you. There are all kinds of HVAC units on the market today, ranging from furnaces, heat pumps to air conditioners and ductless systems. Beyond these systems, units can come in different sizes and energy efficiency ratings. To help you choose an HVAC system that’s right for your home, you may consider the factors below: 

  • The climate of the region you live in: Homeowners may wish to consider the climate (weather patterns, average temperatures) of Raleigh when deciding which types of systems to invest in. You may want to consider whether you require a system that offers heating, cooling, or both. 
  • The size of your home: Many HVAC units are designed to heat and/or cool for specific sized spaces. Therefore, Raleigh homeowners may want to assess the size of their homes before shopping and choose an HVAC unit best suited to that size.  
  • The energy efficiency of the HVAC unit: HVAC units can have varying levels of energy efficiency. If reducing your energy usage is something you care about, then it’s often best to look for air conditioners and heat pumps with SEER ratings of 15 or over and furnaces with AFUE ratings of over 90%.
  • The ducts in your home: If you don’t have ducts in your Raleigh home, then you may want to look for ductless HVAC systems that don’t require air ducts to operate. 
  • The installation of the system: Although you can try to install it yourself, a professional contractor who has experience with HVAC systems will know exactly what they’re doing and may help save you both time and money. 

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