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HVAC Installation in St. Petersburg

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HVAC Installation in St. Petersburg

Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay lies none other than St. Petersburg, Florida. This Floridian city is considered a paradise by many, owing to its white-sand beaches, warm weather, and laid-back vibes. The city is home to a humid subtropical climate, one characterized by long, humid summers and short, mild winters. If you call St. Petersburg home, then you may know that it holds the title of “most consecutive days of sunshine” at 768 days (now that’s a pretty impressive record!). It’s no wonder St. Petersburg has been nicknamed Sunshine City.

In the summertime, daily temperatures often rise as high as 89°F , whereas during the colder months of the year, the average high is 69°F. Given the long periods of warm weather in St. Petersburg, local homeowners may wish to ensure the comfort of their homes by investing in efficient HVAC systems. 

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and these systems are responsible for heating and cooling your home. If you’re looking to cool down your home during a hot, muggy summer in St. Petersburg, you might want to make sure that your current HVAC system is functioning properly. After all, a newly-installed air conditioning unit may have the power to transform your St. Petersburg home from a warm, humid space into a cool, comfortable oasis. 

If you already have an HVAC system installed in your home but aren’t sure whether it’s working as it should be, consider whether you’ve noticed any of the warning signs below: 

  • Your air conditioner or heat pump is over 10 years old, and/or your furnace is 15-20 years old
  • Your utility bills have spiked without an explanation
  • The temperatures throughout your home are uneven, even between rooms on the same floor
  • It seems like your HVAC system is constantly running
  • Your HVAC system is making loud or strange noises (in the case of a furnace, this could be a grinding or squealing noise)
  • Your air conditioning unit has started blowing very little air or leaking water 
  • Your air conditioning unit or heat pump have SEER ratings of 10 or less, or your furnace has an AFUE rating of 80% or less

If any of the signs and symptoms above resonate with you, it’s possible that the HVAC system in your home may need replacing. Luckily, Local Home Pro can help make hiring a professional contractor in your area easier. We have done the work for you, vetting contractors in St. Petersburg and partnering only with those who meet our standards. If you hire a contractor through Local Home Pro for your HVAC installation, you can rest assured knowing your home is in good hands. 

The Main Reasons You Should Invest in HVAC Installation for Your St. Petersburg Home

Interested in learning about the benefits of a new HVAC system? You’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re diving into a few of the key benefits that new HVAC systems may offer St. Petersburg homeowners. Beyond making your home more comfortable to be in throughout the humid summer months, you may find that a new HVAC system comes with multiple other advantages, such as: 

  • Installing a new HVAC system may help increase the property value of your home (a major advantage if you plan to sell your home in the future).
  • A new HVAC system can help make your home more pleasant to spend time in, as it may likely do a better job than older systems at providing even heating and cooling, consistent airflow levels, and humidity control.
  • Energy-efficient HVAC units with higher SEER ratings use less electricity than systems with lower SEER ratings, which can help minimize your home’s environmental impact.
  • Some older HVAC systems may be prone to making loud noises, shaking, or rattling, whereas new units can be designed to be virtually noise-free, with some even featuring sound-absorbing materials. 
  • Energy-efficient HVAC units may also help reduce your monthly utility bills, and may allow you to be eligible for rebates and incentives offered by your local state government, utility provider, or federal government.

Considerations When Installing A New HVAC System in Your St. Petersburg Home

As you now know, HVAC systems can play an important role in ensuring your home remains comfortable year-round. Installing a new HVAC system may also help offer a myriad of benefits to St. Petersburg homeowners. That said, not all HVAC units are the same, so if you’ve decided to install a new system in your home, you may want to consider the following factors first:

  • The energy efficiency of the HVAC unit: There are many energy-efficient HVAC units on the market today, so if you’re looking to minimize your carbon footprint or reduce your energy bills, then you may wish to shop for such a system. When it comes to energy efficiency, it is often best to look for air conditioners and heat pumps with a SEER rating of 15 or over and furnaces with an AFUE rating of over 90%.
  • The installation of the system: Installing a new HVAC system in your home can be complicated and time-consuming. For this reason, you may want to consider hiring a professional contractor to help install your new HVAC system. A local contractor can also help offer their professional opinion as to the best type of HVAC unit(s) for your home and will know how to install your new system correctly.  
  • The size of your home: It is often best to choose an HVAC system that is suited to the size of your home. Since most HVAC systems are specifically designed with the size of the home in mind, installing a system designed for large homes in a small home can potentially lead to functionality problems.
  • The climate of the region you live in: In order to select a suitable HVAC system, you can consider the weather and average daily temperatures in St. Petersburg. Given St. Petersburg’s long, warm summers and short, mild winters, you might want to focus on the cooling capabilities and find a quality air conditioner. 
  • The ducts in your home: If your home doesn’t have air ducts, you can consider installing a ductless HVAC system in your home. 

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