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Keep Your Home Safe and Secure from Extreme Weather Conditions and More with Impact Windows

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An impact window can help protect your home. Designed to withstand a blow from an outside object, an impact window won’t shatter into shards. During violent wind storms they can save you from any injury in addition to keeping the inside of your home safe from devastating wind and rain damage. 

What are impact windows and how do they perform so well? Read on to learn more about this durable window that may be right for your home.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows can come in just about any window type, from sliders to casements to double-hung. What sets impact windows apart is the strength of their frame and the specially-engineered glass designed to withstand forces that would shatter and break regular windows.

The strength of the glass is usually achieved through a combination of lamination and a production process called tempering. 

The core of impact windows is typically laminated glass. Two or more panes are laminated (glued) together with a strong translucent plastic like polyvinyl butyral. Two or more laminated layers produce an incredibly strong glass that you can easily see through, but one that is highly resistant to breaking on impact.

Impact windows sometimes combine this laminated glass type with an outer layer of tempered glass. Tempered glass is a type of glass that is heated (hence the name) and then cooled unevenly, producing a glass that looks the same as regular glass but is in fact stronger. This glass has one absolute advantage: if it shatters it breaks into many tiny pebble-like pieces instead of into large, jagged shards. If the outer layer of the window shatters, with tempered glass there likely won’t be any dangerous pieces sticking out to harm you or your family.

Where Should Impact Windows Be Used?

Impact windows can be installed in any window opening in your home, but there are places that more readily call for their use, and some areas of the country that mandate their installation.

In the wake of devastating hurricane damage, many coastal regions affected by hurricanes require the installation of impact-resistant windows in order to ensure the safety of a home’s occupants and to minimize the property’s damage.

Florida, for example, has some of the most stringent requirements regarding impact-resistant glass installation, particularly for coastal areas. As a state continually affected by hurricanes and tropical storms it’s crucial that its building codes reflect the reality of living in one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most storm-affected, parts of the country.

Will Impact Windows Blend In With My Home?

Given that these are windows designed with safety in mind, you might be worried that style is not part of the equation. But there’s good news! Impact windows and impact-resistant glass can be incorporated into almost any window type.

If you have a traditional home and want to maintain the classic beauty of your double-hung windows, you can purchase impact windows of this type. If you live in a mid-century modern masterpiece with a giant wall of windows; picture, casement and slider window types come in impact window versions as well.

Today’s high-tech design and production techniques mean that impact windows are manufactured to have all of the beauty and functionality of regular windows. If you’re upgrading to impact windows for the first time you can maintain the curb appeal of your home while also giving your home a safety enhancement.

Ensure Your Impact Windows Are Installed Correctly

When investing in the safety of your home it can absolutely be worthwhile to make sure that your windows are selected and installed correctly the first time. Local Home Pro can connect you with a trusted local professional who can offer an estimate and help you through the selection and installation process. Click here to get in touch with Local Home Pro today