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Picture Windows

Renovating your home can be an exciting process that allows you to re-invent your space and be creative – and what better way to improve your home than by replacing your windows!

Not only can a window replacement enhance the interior of your home, but it can also help improve the curb appeal and increase the property value of your home. This is why choosing professional window installation contractors to assist with your home renovation project can be crucial in ensuring your dream designs are brought to life.

Picture windows are a type of sizable, fixed-pane window without a grid pattern to create an uninterrupted view, or picture of your property. However, unlike other available windows on the market, picture windows do not open at all. Therefore, these types of windows will not provide you with any ventilation throughout your home.

Where to Install Picture Windows in Your Home

One of the benefits of choosing to install picture windows into your home is that they can offer a lot of versatility and allow a substantial amount of natural sunlight to stream into your home. Therefore, homeowners should consider installing picture windows in:

  • A formal living room area
  • A formal dining room area
  • A family room area
  • A home office

Another great way to enhance your home is to install picture windows alongside another style of window to create variety and increase natural light coming into your space.

Picture Windows Installation Services in Your Area

Why Purchase Picture Window Frames for Your Home

At Local Home Pro, we understand it’s important for homeowners to feel confident before purchasing the right type of window for your home. This is why we’ve put together a list of benefits for installing picture windows:

  • Although simple in its design, picture windows can offer natural light throughout the entire day which may help cut costs on your electricity bill
  • Since picture windows do not open, they offer a tight seal that can help increase your energy efficiency and potentially lower your heating and cooling costs
  • Picture windows are fairly easy to clean and do not require as much maintenance as other window styles as they do not have any mechanical parts that are exposed to weather conditions
  • They are cost-effective as they do not require any mechanical parts replacements
  • They come in numerous shapes, sizes, and materials so you can custom design each window to fit your home’s design
  • Depending on the type of material you choose for your picture window frames, these styles of windows can generally be a more affordable option for homeowners

Potential Cons of Picture Window Installation

To ensure your home renovation project runs smoothly, it is important to consider any potential cons that may come with choosing picture windows:

  • As picture windows are one single glass pane, should any damage occur you may need to replace the entire glass
  • While picture windows are easy to clean on the interior of your home, due to their large size you may need to hire someone to clean the exterior glass
  • Since picture windows do not open, they do not provide any ventilation into your home which can cause increased usage of your cooling system

While these may be potential cons for some homeowners, they may be pros for others. Therefore, the best thing to do is evaluate your specific home renovation requirements and overall budget as well. You can also weigh your options during your free in-home consultation with a Local Home Pro!

Other Factors to Consider Before Installing Picture Windows in Your Home

Remember, the style of window you choose can influence the overall feel of the interior and exterior of each room in your home. Before selecting the right window make sure to consider the following factors:

  • How easy the style of window you are considering is to clean and maintain
  • The thickness of the glass
  • The insulation quality
  • The average climate of the region you live in
  • Your home renovation budget

Choose a Professional Contractor You Can Count On

At Local Home Pro, our team understands how essential it is to find the right contractor for your window installation project. This is why we’re here to help streamline the entire process so you can focus on enjoying your renovation. 

When homeowners choose Local Home Pro they can rest assured knowing that their window replacement project is in good hands. All window replacement contractors that are partnered with Local Home Pro have been vetted for experience, professionalism, and reliability who can help save you time when renovating your home.

Simply search for picture window replacement contractors in your area, book a time for a free, non-obligation consultation to go over your design requirements, and then book a date for your renovation that works with your schedule. It’s really that simple! Book your free consultation today.