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Picture Windows in Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina, is known for its perfect combination of the urban-suburban mix, offering residents the best of both worlds when it comes to the convenience of the city and the quietness of the outskirts. Whether you love to explore and pack your days with lots of city activities or prefer a more laid-back day in nature, there are so many things to do in Raleigh. 

However, it can be nice to relax at home after a long day outside. Thus, it can be important to ensure your home provides a comfortable environment all year round. Whether Raleigh hits you with hot summer months, short winters, or wet and cloudy temperatures, equipping your home with good quality windows can help you create the home environment you desire. The older your windows are, the more likely it is that they have been worn down over the years. Wear and tear are natural, but they can affect the functionality of your windows and make them less able to regulate interior temperature. Thus, if your HVAC system is working extra hard to heat up or cool down your home, or if you notice any damages to your windows or surrounding area, it may be time to consider replacing your windows.

We understand that home renovations, while exciting, can also be time consuming and stressful at times. However, with the help of Local Home Pro, Raleigh residents can enjoy a high-quality home renovation project that’s stress-free and easy. We’ve partnered with vetted local Raleigh contractors to ensure that you will only work with professionals who are reliable and experienced. 

Not only can this help save you time and money spent on searching for contractors, but it can also help you rest assured knowing that your project is in good hands.

What Are Picture Windows?

There are a variety of window styles that you can choose from for your home renovation project. A popular choice amongst homeowners in America is picture windows.

Picture windows are a unique style of window, unlike no other. These windows cannot be opened, and thus, don’t offer any ventilation to your home. However, they have a fixed pane that does not feature any grid patterns on the glass, offering an unobstructed, picture-perfect view of the outdoors (hence the name picture windows). Picture windows can also come in many different sizes and shapes, and can be customized to any style that fits your design aesthetics.

Benefits of Installing Picture Windows in Your Home

Although picture windows can’t open and don’t offer any ventilation, there can still be many benefits that homeowners can consider.

Beyond the unobstructed, picture-perfect view of the outdoors that they provide, picture windows can also help provide tons of natural light into your home. For areas of your home that aren’t usually well-lit or get much sunlight throughout the day, picture windows may help you cut costs on your energy bill without sacrificing the amount of light that you get.

When you compare the costs of installing picture windows to other types of windows, like double hung or casement windows, you’ll likely find that picture windows tend to be cheaper and more affordable. Rest assured that even though picture windows are more affordable, they can still offer excellent quality and durability just as other window types.

In addition, picture windows can be easier to maintain than other windows since there are no hinges or other parts that might experience rusting or weathering. This means that your picture windows may be able last a long time without compromising their quality or functionality.

Since picture windows can provide a snug seal against the outside world, they can help improve your home's energy efficiency by preventing the inside air from escaping. A common addition to picture windows is insulated glass, which combines two or more gas-filled panes. This can help make the picture windows even more energy efficient and can help homeowners save money on energy bills each year.

Are There Disadvantages to Adding Picture Windows?

While the benefits of adding picture windows into your Raleigh home can outweigh the disadvantages, you still might want to consider some potential cons of the windows before moving forward with your installation.

Since picture windows cannot be opened, they can’t provide any actual ventilation. For any rooms that retain a lot of heat and don’t have much air circulation, installing picture windows might make the rooms feel stuffy. It can also increase the workload that your air conditioning system has to cool down the rooms. However, you can always combine picture windows with other windows that can open to better circulate the air.

You might also run into some difficulty cleaning your picture windows, especially since you can’t reach the exterior layer from the inside. You may have to hire window cleaners or grab a ladder for the upper floor windows.

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