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Slider Windows in Milwaukee

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Slider Windows in Milwaukee

If you live in the beautiful city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, then you might know first-hand how lively and historic the city can be. Whether you’re with your friends and family at a local restaurant, tasting beers at one of the local breweries, or exploring the old city quarters, Milwaukee has so much more to offer than what meets the eye.

However, after you’ve explored the city all day, you may wish to seek comfort in your home oasis. This is why it can be important to ensure the windows in your home are working properly, so you can easily control the temperature in each room to create a comfortable atmosphere.

While the windows in your home can have a lifespan of 20 – 30 years, it is also possible for your windows to diminish in their efficiency as they get older. Therefore, if you’ve noticed any increases in your utility bills or any notable damages to your windows, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Luckily, with the help of Local Home Pro, Milwaukee homeowners can seamlessly replace the windows in their home. Our team has partnered with local window installation contractors in Milwaukee and pre-vetted them based on their experiences and reliability. Not only can this save you time from searching for contractors online, but it can also help ensure that your window project is in good hands.

The Benefits of New Windows

Installing new windows may help provide many benefits to your Milwaukee home. Besides helping increase your home’s curbside appeal, new windows can also help your home in other aspects, such as:

  • New windows may help increase the overall property value of your home.
  • They may also help decrease your monthly cooling and heating bill.
  • They can help decrease the noise from your surrounding neighborhood, creating a home oasis that is peaceful and quiet.
  • The windows can also help you to control the temperature of each room with more ease so you can stay comfortable at home all year round regardless of what the weather outside is like.

What Are Slider Windows?

If you’re ready to install new windows, then you may want to consider choosing the right type of windows for your home. While there are numerous types available on the market, one of the most popular windows are slider windows. Slider windows are fairly similar to double-hung windows. However, rather than opening vertically, slider windows open horizontally with sashes that slide from left to right (rather than up and down) as you would see in more traditional styled homes. 

What to Consider When Choosing Slider Windows for Your Home

Although slider windows are a popular choice for many Milwaukee homeowners, there are some aspects that you may want to consider before investing in the windows, including:

  • Your overall budget for your renovation
  • What kind of design you are trying to achieve on the interior and exterior of your home, along with each room
  • The type of material you want your window frames to be constructed out of
  • The color and grid pattern for each window
  • How much maintenance you are willing to put into keeping your windows clean and working properly throughout the year

Pros of Slider Windows in Milwaukee

To help you decide whether slider windows are suitable for your Milwaukee home, we have put together a list of potential pros of installing slider windows, including:

  • The windows tend to require less maintenance as they do not have any mechanical cranks or other hardware.
  • They can also help offer lots of ventilation and natural light.
  • They can be relatively easy to clean from the inside of your home. However, you may have difficulty cleaning the exterior if they are located on the upper levels of your home.
  • When selecting slider windows, you can choose between several options, allowing you to customize them to match your desired design. 

Cons of Slider Windows in Milwaukee

While there are many benefits to installing slider windows in your home, there are also some potential disadvantages that you might want to be aware of before choosing to install slider windows:

  • Slider windows might not be ideal for homes with air conditioning units as they are typically built with mesh screens that can block the air conditioner exhaust hose from exiting the room. 
  • If not installed properly, slider windows can be susceptible to allowing drafts or additional air flow into the home as the point of contact between the two sashes can become depressurized.

Get Your Slider Windows in Milwaukee Today

Whether it's natural sunlight, ventilation, or both, slider windows can help elevate the overall atmosphere of your Milwaukee home. Are you ready to get started with your new slider windows? Book your free consultation today with a local Milwaukee window contractor and get ready to enjoy your dream windows!