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Replacement Window Installation Daytona

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Life in Daytona Beach

Home to a well-known racing event and beautiful beaches, Daytona Beach offers a wide range of activities for all ages. Since 1959 the “World Center of Racing”, the Daytona International Speedway, has welcomed motorsports enthusiasts from around the globe to Florida’s east coast. In Daytona, racing fans can enjoy not only the thrill of the track but also learn about its history at the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. Better yet, they can enjoy a motorsports thrill of their own by taking their car or truck on the beach itself, where Daytona’s motorsports racing tradition began in 1902.   

Daytona has a lot of other exciting adventures to explore. The Ormond Beach Scenic Loop & Trail, for example, offers gorgeous scenery and historical treasures to discover by car or by bike. Those who prefer to head out on a hike know the wonders that lie within the Ponce Preserve. Home to the Green Mound, a prehistoric pile of shells more than 1000 years old, provides hikers with the very best scenic views.

History buffs know the many other places to discover ancient and modern history in the city. The Halifax Historical Museum, the Museum of Arts & Sciences and World War Two Submarine Watchtower are just some of the exhibitions you can visit.

Whether you’ve found excitement at the track, the beach or another one of Daytona’s cultural wonders, there’s no better way to wrap up a busy day than with a seafood supper the whole family can enjoy at the famed Joe’s Crab Shack. 

Homes in Daytona Beach

The real estate market in Daytona Beach is buzzing as more people move to the mid-size city to enjoy all that it has to offer. Homes are selling quickly and housing availability is at a significant low.

With so much turnover in the real estate market it’s worth thinking about changes you would like to make to your Daytona home. Whether you're in the market to upsize or downsize, have just moved or are thinking of moving, or whether you are building or buying—new or replacement windows just might be the investment that will improve your home.

What New Windows Can Do for Your Home

Did you know that 25% to 30% of heating and cooling costs in your home result from heating or cooling loss through your windows? Replacement windows can help ensure that your home is sealed properly with the most up-to-date technology, keeping your cool air indoors for most of the Florida year (and keeping the warm air in, too, for those few cooler weeks).

Not only that, state and federal governments offer incentives for homeowners to upgrade their windows to more energy efficient models. You might qualify for a personal tax credit of up to $200 to help you upgrade the look and performance of your home’s windows.

Choose From a Variety of Modern and Traditional Styles

Installing new windows is about more than choosing to make your home more energy efficient: there are also so many styles of windows to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something modern, traditional or something in between, Local Home Pro offers many unique styles.

Looking to maintain the traditional look of your craftsman style home? Double-hung windows might be the ones for you. With two sashes that slide up and down vertically, today’s double-hung windows can maintain the classic look of historic homes and can offer the performance you’d expect of a modern window. Is your Daytona home a mid-century modern home by the beach? Awning windows might be the right choice for your home. They offer the energy-saving benefits provided by a great seal as well as can open up wide to let in fresh air.

There are many more types to choose from too: bay windows offer more space with a traditional look; casement windows offer ease of use; picture windows can be perfect for large living spaces; and sliders work great for homes in many architectural styles.

Stand Up to Life on the Atlantic

Daytonans know that while the weather can be beautiful, it isn’t always easy on your home—or its windows. Wind, rain, the sea’s salty mist, and hail can sometimes hit your windows. Ensure that your home is protected as best as it can be with new custom-fit and installed windows.

Impact windows are also a great option that can add a level of toughness to protect your home. Heavy-duty frames, laminated glass and special glazing work together to ensure strength and durability. Impact windows are a great choice for ensuring your home is buttoned up and battened down year-round.

Have Local Home Pro Help You

Let Local Home Pro help you upgrade your home’s windows to help you achieve the look and performance you need. Schedule your free consultation with one of our vetted contractors based on your schedule and get a customized estimate for your home improvement project.