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Bow Window Installation in Raleigh

Learn How Bow Windows Can Beautify Your North Carolina Home

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Professional Bow Window Installation Raleigh

Known for its historic, traditional styled buildings, monuments, universities, thriving city and surrounding parks, Raleigh is a city that offers its residents a unique experience each day of the year.

With its warm and breezy summers and cool winter climate, Raleigh residents understand the necessity of having a home they can find comfort in regardless of what season it is. And with beautiful windows in every room of your home, you and your family can enjoy your inside and outside environment all year round.

As your home gets older, it is inevitable for elements on the interior and exterior of your property to experience some wear and tear –especially your windows. This can cause a dramatic increase in the cooling and heating costs of your home and can potentially cause damage.

Which is why, when it comes time to tackle replacing the windows throughout your home, homeowners need to make sure they are investing in a company that has their best interests at heart so their new replacement windows function flawlessly all year round.

With the help of Local Home Pro, Raleigh homeowners are not only investing in high-quality windows, but they’re also investing in working alongside trusted bow window installation Raleigh contractors who are reliable and can get the job done right the first time.

Are Bow Windows the Same as Bay Windows?

If you’ve done some prior research or already have bow windows installed in your home, you may already know that there is a slight difference between bow and bay windows. However, for homeowners who are new to the replacement window installation process, you may not be aware of the various window types.

Take a look at our list of differences so you can become better acquainted with these windows before moving forward in your home renovation project:

  •  Bow windows utilize a minimum of four window panes to create a refined arc that extends from the exterior of your home, whereas bay windows create an extension that is more of a hexagonal in shape and typically only requires a minimum of three windows.
  • With bay windows, homeowners may be granted more of a choice when it comes to selecting the type of each window frame, whereas with the installation of bow windows, homeowners may be limited to using only casement windows to complete the final look.

The Benefits of Installing Bow Windows in Your Raleigh Home

Just like any home improvement project, homeowners need to weigh the pros and cons of installing a specific type of window in their home. Which is why we’ve put together a list that can help you make a well-informed decision before deciding what the best course of action is for you and your home:

  • Bow windows can help improve the overall curbside appeal of your home and increase your property value.
  • These windows can provide you with a sleek finish that can add an architectural element that helps your home stand out amongst the rest in the neighborhood.
  • Bow windows can increase the square footage of your home.
  • The installation of bow windows is extremely versatile so they can bring any room to life.
  • Whether you’re looking for more square footage, to create extra seating, storage, or add a reading nook in your bedroom or office, bow windows can offer you the flexibility to do so.
  • As bow windows are a collection of more than four window panes, this can allow for more natural light and ventilation into your home all year around.
  • With bow window installation, you can have a 180-degree view of the outside, to keep an eye on your garden or enjoy the Raleigh scenery.

Are There Any Problems with Bow Window Installation?

Now that you have been made aware of the benefits of installing bow windows, here is a list of things you may wish to consider before making your final decision so you can feel confident in your bow window choice:

  • If your Raleigh home does not already have bow windows installed, you may have more renovation costs attached to your overall installation cost.
  • Even though bow windows can offer endless natural light and fresh air, that can also mean a lack of privacy if you do not install any curtains or blinds.
  • As the overall bow window design requires at least four windows to create the desired look, homeowners may need to spend more money up front when it comes to purchasing each window.
  • If you do not hire a professional bow window installation Raleigh contractor who understands the complexity of bow windows, you may risk having the job done incorrectly, which can create drafts and leaks later on.

High-Quality Bow Windows Made to Last the Years Ahead

When you invest in professional and local bow window installation Raleigh contractors you can trust, your replacement windows can help you maintain a comfortable inside atmosphere in each room of your home regardless of how warm or cool the weather is. This can not only help you maintain the temperature more easily, but it can also help you save on your monthly cooling and heating costs by increasing your energy savings.

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When Raleigh homeowners work with Local Home Pro, they are not only investing in professional window installation contractors, but they are also investing in an experience that is stress free and enjoyable.

We’re experts in home improvement projects, so leave the fine details to us and enjoy your new home –we have got you covered! Book your free estimate today.